Allotment goodies..

Hello all..i hope that your ok and having some late sunshine..
My son has been back to the allotment and brought home a nice barrow full of Onions and Beetroots..

Can you see the pump..bless him he has to take it as the wheel keeps going down
 The Onions have been sorted and are now drying in the greenhouse..the Beetroots were boiled and frozen.
My Virginia Creeper going a gorgeous red

How beautiful is that

Its going to spread all the way down the trellis..looking like a wall of flame
 We picked the Apples and got quite a few..some had been got at by Wasps and other grubs but i think we did ok..we also picked the Pears..

Only 2..there are a few left on the tree..but its good considering we not had any Pears for a few years
How did your Fruit trees do this year?


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