1st September..

Well it s the 1st of September today folks..not long now til the leaves start to turn and we get some gorgeous days and cosy evenings.
Today has been a fairly busy one..i have started to sort out the girls school work and put it away ready for my inspection next month.
Meaning we can crack open the new books and pencils :) yay..been waiting to do that.

This morning i made a lot of stuffing up ready to freeze..Simon helped me to re-edge some bath towels that are going a bit frayed on the edges..i bought the bias binding from Boyes..only 50p so i will be going back to get some more. I can't afford to replace the bath towels at the minute so edging them is a good choice for me.
Sam went to the allotment and brought home some rows of potatoes ready for storage..they are drying out and will be sorted into sacks for Winter..
Frayed edges

Not perfect but they will last a bit longer

 This morning the girls received their Lego Magazines..these are free and all you have to do is sign up to the Lego club..they have a lot of good things inside..and how to build new things with your existing Lego..we now have quite a collection of the Magazines and Lego..


I think that Lego is a good thing for children..it requires imagination and good dexterity .It is however expensive..so its a real treat when they get a new set..i look on Ebay for sets and use my Nectar points to buy them for Christmas and Birthdays..or if its on sale..which is a magic word lol.

I did all my laundry and got it dry...now it needs ironing..any volunteers?
And now i am off for my Tea..tonight we have Pork chops,potatoes,green beans,stuffing and gravy..with Butterscotch whip for dessert..o am so looking forward to it.
What have you all done today?


  1. Ahhh .... the mystery pictures are stuffing balls. I love stuffing, in fact when we have a roast dinner I just have extra stuffing instead of the meat.

    I used to love Lego too, but I'm a bit old for it now .... unfortunately!!

    Today I have been mainly prepping apples ready for pies, crumbles and turnovers. Boring but worthwhile work.

    1. Hi Sue..we love stuffing as well..eat quite a bit of it..
      Your never too old for anything lol.
      O wow apples..our tree's are eating apples not cooking unfortunately..but i am hoping my friend may turn with a bag again..its not boring and very worth while

  2. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for the Lego club tip! We are currently on Duplo but now DD is older we are thinking about getting her proper lego.
    I will sign up right now!

  3. Hi there..am sure they do something for Duplo too..think its called Duplo kids..but could be wrong


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