Wedding photo's..

Hi all..sorry they are late folks its been hectic here..not a moment to ourselves..

Iris pretty in pink

Fern beautiful in white

My gorgeous Fionna

Fern,Iris,Emma and Hollie

Andrea,Heather,Angela and beautiful grand-daughter Leah

Unknown to bridesmaids their dresses turned see-through in sunlight

Fionna and her husband Matt.

Wedding cake

Gorgeous cupcakes

All the little ones having fun..grandson Sam in his suit
Well it all went without a hitch thankfully..they got married and i blubbed all was so emotional to see.
I started to cry when she came in looking radiant on her dads arm.
As it turned out it was so hot..muggy and then chucked it down but we got photo's done before it did..we could hear it rumbling with thunder whilst doing them.
The reception was low key as they wanted..the food seemed to keep coming.
Unfortunately Fern was poorly and i had to take her home early..poor Fern.
Iris had a great time with her dad and all the other little ones there..dancing and playing..she was worn out when she got home.
Just one dress was amazing ..yet the zip got stuck halfway up and it would not go further..i got all sweaty trying to do it up..i gave up and just kept my handbag over it..thing is when i got home i couldn't get the darn thing down there i was sweating to death and stuck in god damn frilly dress with poofed up petticoat..i had to get down on my hands and knees and get Fern to pull it over my head in the end.
I swear i popped like a cork out a relieved..and instantly felt so much cooler..laid on the floor in my petticoat and bra for a few minutes to cool down..
Will have a few more pictures in the week to come i hope.
I hope that your all ok.
take care


  1. How lucky you were with the weather, looks like a lovely day was had! Shame Fern was poorly and you had to leave early, hope she is better. You did make me chuckle, telling us about getting stuck in your dress! Xx

    1. It was a lovely day..Fern was fine the next morning..i think it was the heat and over excitement..honestly i laid on the floor in my petticoat and bra for about 5 minutes cooling down.
      take care

  2. I seem to be having trouble leaving a comment, but I thought I would try one more time.

    The photos are gorgeous and everyon seems so happy, but could we see the mother and father of the bride please (I want to see your dress Sara)

    Much love

    Marie x

    1. O i am sorry Marie i didn't know you were having trouble with leaving a comment.
      Yes i am waiting for the photographer to send them to Fionna and then i will find some decent ones to put up.
      I hope that your ok.

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  4. Oh dear, sorry to hear about the dress malfunction! Glad everything else came off okay though, weddings can be such nerve wracking and stressful things!

  5. Hi there SWgal..yes they are ..but i keep saying to myself 3 down 3 to go..although the girls are small and Sam is not getting married at all..well thats what he says now..

  6. So lovely wedding photographs!! I really can’t wait to see your dress. Please share the photographs as soon as possible. Well, I love the wedding venue. It is one of my favorite event halls in Philadelphia. I would love to get married at this spot!


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