Wedding countdown...and hair dye disaster.

Hello all i hope you all well..

Well this weekend our 2nd eldest daughter Fionna gets married to her lovely fella Matt.
She has organized it all herself,paid for just about everything themselves too.
I am so proud of her and Matt..they are a beautiful couple who are blatantly still very much in love after 10 years together.Matt adores our daughter,looks after her and is also a brilliant father.
We couldn't ask for more in a son-in-law.
As its the wedding countdown we have all tried on our fancy dresses..the girls outfits were bought earlier in the year..i was hoping they hadn't had a growth spurt,they haven't and the dresses look gorgeous.
Sandals were bought and accessories sorted..i know how i am doing their hair..i have a pony tail looper and some very pretty flower hairclips.
My dress kinda fits..its a size 12..its needs the shoulder straps shortening and a small tuck in the is beautiful though..Navy blue 1950's style swing dress with the nipped in waist and full petticoat underneath..i get very annoyed at times when i buy dresses..if i buy a 10 its uncomfortable,yet a 12 is too i am stuck literally in the middle.I have navy suede court shoes and some navy lace gloves..ooh posh.
The dress is absolutely stunning though..i feel like a princess in it..i promise to post pictures of all of us dressed up.
I have washed and ironed Sam's white shirt,his shoes need a polish and his suit is absolutely fine so he is sorted.
Simon has had his final suit fitting and only his shoes need a polish and he is done.

As its a special occasion we all had our haircut last week,the girls had their hair trimmed at the back and fringes done.
Sam had a crewcut courtesy of me..i love my clippers saved me a fortune over the years.
Simon is bald so no expense there..i have to add bald by choice..he shaves his head rather than go bald slowly, he took the plunge and did it..thing is it really suits him.
I had my hair trimmed and thinned thinking that all my old hair dye will be gone..o no it hadn't.
I decided to colour my hair this morning..Hubby very kindly mixes it and then puts it in my hair..he has big hands and gets good coverage.
I left it for the 30 minutes..went to wash it out and what a shock i got..i looked in the mirror to see what colour it was and to my shock i have some silvery,grey purplish streaks in it.
I didn't panic but just put the conditioner on and left it for 3 minutes..washed it out and o flipping snowballs its still now i have lovely honey blonde hair with some rather interesting colours in it.
I keep looking in the mirror hoping they are fading but no..if anything they seem more pronounced.
Its just typical really..big occasion and i have weird coloured hair.

Last year i used a different hair dye to the one i always use and ended up looking like a bloody dandelion it was that yellow.I ended up using Touch of Silver shampoo to dumb it down..then had my haircut again to remove all traces of it..but even then when i dyed it next i had the same coloured streaks in my hair..weird or what..well my handsome husband has assured me it looks good and the girls (who are renowned for saying what they think)say it looks nice.Its too late to try and fix it and i have no idea how much it would cost so its got to stay i'm afraid.
At least you will be able to spot me on the wedding photo's.
What about you ladies have you ever had a hair dye situation?
take care


  1. Oh no Sara not again I remember when it went wrong last time. To be honest I am sure yours must be quite conservative because I have seen so many weird colours recently.

    I have gone slightly darker, I think it is called honey blonde, I was fed up with being light blonde and it seemed to wash any colour out of my face. By the way my Oncologist discharged me last week so that was a relief.

    Your dress sounds wonderful, Heather's prom dress was a 50s style which we bought her, and that was red with black spots on it and I bought her one of those lovely black net underskirts. There was something special about fashion in the 50s.

    I expect the girls are excited,have a wonderful time and I hope the weather is kind to you

    Love to you all

    Marie x

    1. Hi Marie o that is absolutely wonderful news am so pleased for you.
      I like the really blonde blonde..but as i tan quite easily sometimes i look like half a pint of this time if year i go a little darker..Fern has just confirmed i look like Perriwinkle off i am quite happy with that.
      O i bet that dress was superb.,did she like how it felt when she walked and do feel like a princess in the dress with the petticoat..i did look at the polka dot ones myself but i thought at 47 i had better go for something a little more appropriate for my age..i have a full 26 inch petticoat which really fluffs out the skirt..
      The girls are excited and counting the days..apparently the weather is going to be okish..fingers crossed.
      love you much

    2. Yes she did, and she has such a tiny waist she looked gorgeous. Her dress was a halter neck so she wore a little black shrug with it.

      Your's sounds beautiful, you are going to look one special lady, can't wait for the photos.

      Love you

      Marie xx

    3. O wow it sounds absolutely gorgeous..i don't have a tiny waist anymore so i have been on a diet for the last month to get that extra bit of belly gone so the dress fits perfectly around my waist..
      I looked at the halter neck dresses too..i would love to wear one..i have a lovely cream shawl type thing for my shoulders..
      love you too


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