The Dentist!!!!

Hi all..
Today i had to go to the dentist for a filling.
This fills me with a terrible sense of dread.
My dentist Mr.Smith is absolutely the most charming and gentle man..he knows how terrified i am and is so patient with me.

I have gas and air to help me cope with it..its not the needles or the work he is doing its the drill..i literally cannot bear it at all. I have the injections no problem and don't mind him poking about..but the moment he starts the drill i shake and feel sick and almost burst into tears.
Mr.Smith is quick and efficient and then lets me literally run out the surgery.

He recommended i use an MP3 to listen to loud music,close my eyes,breathe the gas and relax..its sounds like a kerfuffle and a bit of a weird thing..but it works and i have my fillings no problem. Its before hand,i work myself up into such a state,,i feel sick and so on the verge of doing a runner.
I don't hate the dentist at all..just that darn drill.
I really don't feel safe having it in my mouth..nothing bad has ever happened to me with the drill so i don't know where the fear of it has come from.
All this has kind of made me paranoid about having good teeth,which i really don't..but my children do..they never miss check ups and i am religious about teeth brushing..i would hate for them to suffer the agony of an abcess as i have several times.I do look after my teeth but sometimes its the luck of the draw and i got the poop end of the stick.

Today i found out that i have to have one extracted..the filling fell out a month ago and it can't be saved..and guess what i don't mind having them out at all..that does not fill me with fear or make me feel funny. So 3 weeks today i will have a sore mouth but i will be ok with that.
How about you you have a fear of the dentist ?
Take care


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