Making the most of just about anything i can..even if its 30 plums.

Hi all..last week we picked our very first crop of plums..we were surprised at how many we got from our little tree.

 I found an amazingly simple plum jam recipe..just sugar and half a lemon.
Leave it for an hour or more..covered in sugar and lemon juice

Bring to a boil..and boil til it thickens up

Remove lemon.

Bottle will keep in the fridge for 3 months,if it lasts that long.
Its a lovely dark ruby colour..and delicious.It smells plummy too..i have got mine in the fridge ready for toast in the mornings.
We had some tomatoes ripen as well..not many but enough..they are 2 different varieties ..
Moneymaker is the big one..Gardeners Delight is the little one.

I chopped them up with some courgettes and a shallot

A little olive oil and paprika..i roasted them .

In 2 tubs for freezing.
I like to do some of my veggies like this..that way i have a taste of summer in the depths of winter.
More beetroot for winter.
I also try to make the best of our money.
I don't have much money so mending clothing and household items is important for me. I look after what i have and appreciate i could be a lot worse off.
I love going shopping but realize i can't chuck things in my basket willy nilly like i used to do.
I take a list with me..i shop around and stick to my budget .
By changing my shopping habits i have saved quite a lot on my grocery one has gone hungry and having an allotment has eased the bill also.
I bake and freeze..all my home baking is made using smartprice or basic range ingredients.
I make jam and chutneys..
I plan meals around my cupboards and freezer
I home school so this time of year is good for me to stock up on supplies,,pens,pencils,paper,card and paints.
I have been selling lots of items on ebay and made quite a bit from it.
I used my ebay sales money to purchase a lovely bundle of clothes for Fern for winter which in turn means Iris gets some new to her clothes from Fern's wardrobe.
I also used my ebay sales money to start Christmas present shopping..a few things have arrived and been put away.
I did splash out and bought some darning mushrooms for all the socks and jumpers that need doing and some lovely balls of wool to make a little lap blanket. A bonus with the wool was 2 sets of knitting needles and 2 crochet hooks..i can't crochet but am planning on some Youtube tutorials over the next few months so i can learn.

I plan ahead for birthdays,christmas,easter etc.
When i shop i always keep an eye out for any bargains.
Like these jars below

Lovely Mason jars..i have my plum jam in one and pickled beetroot in the other.and at 99p each a bargain,they will last for years.
Also little things like this

Its a certain little girls birthday in October..but i saw this and at 19p i couldn't i will give it to my dd to use for her dd's birthday in the December.
Using the internet for recipes and school work is invaluable as well..the library is one of our favourite places to go ...i love it there and we probably get far too many books but its worth it.
Buying from charity shops is a must at times..i always carry a small little book with me that has up to date sizes for everyone..and it has the things i need on it..

i also have another little list..this one is for me and Simon..
Gardening books
Cookery books.
Storage tins/jars
Enid Blyton books
Ladybird books
Cecily Mary Barker books..rare but i do find occasionally.
Anything suitable for girls as presents.
I have had some amazing finds in charity shops in the past..unfortunately some of the shops have put up the prices and make it hard to shop there when i can go else where and buy the item i need brand new(you know who you are charity shops).
So there is my making the most of what i have..what about you ladies/gents..anything to add or advice for me.
take care


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