Home Happenings..

Hello all..o my i hope any of you that got the rain today are ok?..its only just started to rain here..and its very muggy.
Its been yet another busy time..more veg pick and frozen from the allotment..its all been weeded again..we keep hoping to bump into our allotment neighbour..to politely ask him to stop running his car wheels over the end of our plot..he has ruined quite a few potato plants..its not like he can't see what he did..so rude.

I have been bitten by something nasty..it must have got into my top and took a bite well three actually..they are quite swollen,red and feel hot..i have put calamine lotion on them but to no avail.Hopefully it will die down in a day or two.

Anyway back to what we have been doing..i painted the Pergola..it was a faded grey not the green we originally painted it..we have the paint and the time so we got on with it..i admit it looks so much better and hopefully it will last a few more years..i painted my downstairs windowsills and my dilapidated meter box.
My before pic when i had just done a little bit

looks much better.

Beautiful French beans picked,blanched and frozen..we already had some and they taste so lovely.

I did some more baking and forgot to take pictures of the Choc-chip cake and the Chocolate Choc-chip cake..its all gone so tomorrow i will be baking again.

My husband had to nip to town to pick up some pills and he nipped into Lidl on his way home..look what he got me..

Isn't it lovely..its been repotted into a big glass bottle..and it will reside in my bathroom.
 Sam put some slabs underneath the swings for me..the grass was dead and the ground was solid..scuffed away by little feet swinging..i did want to re-grass it over winter but the ground was like concrete..i spotted these 2 slabs hiding behind the shed..so out they came and my lovely son put them in for me..and the girls promptly decorated them..
I went shopping and picked up some bargains from Wilko's..5p a packet brilliant..i only bought what i needed..and added them to my seed box
 These seeds are my husbands..i bought them off Ebay for him..they all are good for another 2 years so hopefully i won't need to buy any next year.
 My seed box..i can't actually remember where i got it from.
 All packed and ready for next year.
I found our son's old walker in the attic..its handmade and just perfect..i was considering selling it but i can't part with it..so i am going to paint it a lovely Ruby Red and use it for decoration..

At the moment its being used by Iris to push her teddies around and play at being Doc Mcstuffins..so sweet.

I found these old Barbie backgrounds last week in the attic..not sure what to do with them yet..i was thinking a kind of art project..anyone have any ideas.

We often just have a wander around the garden to see what we can see..we spot butterflies,bugs,try to count the fish and spot little froglets in the pond..well look who we found hiding in the Bull Rushes..
Four little frogs..Derek,Eric,Terry and Barry..how do i know that well Iris told me that is what they are called..who am i to argue with that.
We also love to cloud watch..

Looks like someone put a knife through it..

Gap in the sky..
It was a beautiful afternoon just perfect for sitting and watching the world go by.

So ladies what have you been doing this week.
Take care


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