Baby frogs and Dragonfly eggs..

Hello all..Wow what a grey day it is was raining when we were rudely awakened by a Sylvanian House falling off the wall and scaring the living daylights out the girls who were sitting up talking..we both jumped out of bed and went one was hurt and nothing broken..but what a wake up call.

As my title says we have baby frogs and dragonfly eggs..we were getting a little worried about the froglets we haven't seen any at all..normally we have a lot doing fast little jumps across the garden looking for a damp spot to hide.
Hubby managed to catch one

Look how tiny they are

Can you spot him..all his little mates are there as well.
It was sheer chance Simon spotted him hopping about..we pulled back the ivy a little and there are lots there.
So small and cute but very very fast.I now have to watch where i walk and plonk my wash basket..i wouldn't want to squash any of them.

We saw the Dragonflies last week..3 of them..they are quite big and zip about..i couldn't get a picture at all..but i did see one of them on my Bullrushes..look what they left behind.
Lots of little eggs.

The Bullrushes have done amazingly well this year..the wind and rain today has made them bend over a bit..but hopefully they will right themselves.
So have you spotted any little critters in your gardens?
take care


  1. Well, at least you have froglets, we still have tadpoles, still with no back legs so guess they will die this winter. Never had that before!

    1. O no..where abouts are you..frogs grow fast so they may surprise you..

    2. No, we would normally have frogs by now so don't know what has happened, never had this happen before.

  2. That is strange..depends when they were laid i suppose..weird though


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