Autumn on its way folks..

I love Autumn..and i think its coming..hopefully we will have some more warm days to come but we have been putting the lamps on at about 8ish in the evenings.
We usually go for a nice cup of tea and chat in the evenings outside in the garden..the last week or so we have had to come in earlier as it has got dark and a little chilly..i will definitely miss these evenings when its too dark.
The bonus is we have seen lots of bats flitting about and have been able to spot stars and see the beautiful moon all whilst having a cuppa..very relaxing.
I have always loved this time of year,,kind of like a slow down period from rushing around and being busy.
Drawing the curtains and getting lamps and doing those things you just don't seem to have the time for ..for me over the Autumn and Winter i plan next years projects,what we are going to grow on the allotment and discuss our successes and failures in that department.
For us going for long walks this time is an absolute pleasure,the tree's changing colour into brilliant reds and yellows and golds..amazing it can fairly take your breath away at times.
I have a slow cooker and this time of year i start thinking about casseroles and stews and thick soups..porridge in the mornings as well.
I get the girls in bed and put on my warm pj's with some very thick bed socks..and sit and knit and read or like this year i plan on learning to crochet.
I enjoy the changing of the seasons..some don't and do nothing but moan..thats up to them.
Embrace the changes and see the new beauty that every season brings to us.
What do you do over the Autumn/Winter months?


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