All smiles til bedtime..

Hello all ..i hope that your ok.
We had the twins on Sunday for our DD who has hurt her back and could barely walk..she has pulled a muscle and been given some painkillers from the doctor.
They are so gorgeous..but thats half the get reeled in by the cuteness and gummy smiles..but then Wham..too late you have been carried away talking,playing,cooing to them..they are over tired and boy have they got lungs on them.
We survived..and have to give total credit to our she manages them both on her own is amazing..we were drained when they went home.
Anyway i had my camera out and was clicking here you go some baby pictures to go aww to.
Olivia with grandad

Esme just about to smile

Olivia talking to grandad

OMG..grandad am naked here

Olivia having a nap

Esme having a nap

Just chilling...
Andrea had to take the twins to the hospital for their assessment and health check this week..both have been discharged and are doing brilliantly. They were both weighed too.
Olivia weighs 12lb 11oz
Esme weighs 12lb 2oz.
So they are both little chunkies who love nothing more than to tell you a story and give big smiles..beautiful.
take care


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