Look who i went to visit..

I went to see my little grand-daughters last night..and to help their mum get them ready for bed..blimey the girls needs extra hands. Normally her husband is home for the bath and bedtime routine but he has had to work a late night so i was asked to help out.
I took my camera but didn't take too many as i didn't want to disrupt them too much..I had Esme and Annie had Olivia..they are both now four months old and filling out..they have both started to teeth a little..hard white gums bless them.
When i arrived they were both asleep but soon woke up..i got the 2 biggest smiles and happy faces off both girls..made my day..o how they have grown.
They are a lot more alert and love to look around..they are both starting to coo  and almost shout at you when you don't look at them.
Esme with a clean bum and chilling out

Still chilling

O there you are what you doing?

Olivia bringing up her wind.
Aren't they beautiful..next time i will get more shots.
They finally gave in and went to sleep..how Annie does it i will never know.
take care all


  1. Yes, your daughter needs a pat on the back for coping so well. Having had two children myself, I couldn't imagine the work involved in having twins, triplets etc. Get one to sleep, the other one wakes up. Change one nappy then do it all over again. I'm feeling tired just thinking about it! X

  2. Hi Claire..o she needs a medal..i had 6 babies myself and was worn out with a baby and 2 toddlers ..and your right they wake up one after the other except at bath and bedtime..then they are both awake..so its all hands on deck.
    take care

  3. Hi Sara, your granddaughters are so cute. Your daughter is a great mother and it shows in her happy babies. My three children are all close in age and I know I was tired at times. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day.

    1. Hi Joan..o she is tired bless her but deliriously happy and in love with her girls..they have just started to sleep through the night..
      take care joan


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