July already..

Morning all..i was surprised this morning when i looked at my calendar to see it is July..wow where has this year gone..i am not complaining at all..it only seems 5 minutes ago Andrea was giving birth to the twins and now look at them..13 weeks old..seems forever they have been here..
This is just a quick post to say to all of you " please take care in the heat today"..slap that suncream on and stay in the shade,take it slowly and drink plenty of water.
I have Factor 50 on the girls and myself..we are fair skinned and burn very easily..i reapply every few hours.
My beautiful and much loved dd Fionna was diagnosed with skin cancer last year..only 26 years old bless her..she has had it removed and is recovering very well,the shock of it was devastating to her and us. I felt tremendous guilt as her mum..did i let her burn? did i not cover her up? did i not put enough suncream on her?..so please everyone cover up and suncream is essential.

I am hoping that the warm weather will stay for a while..the world seems a much better place in the sun..unfortunately certain evil people seem intent on destroying innocent lives .
take care all


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