Feeling better..and what a surprise on ebay..

Hi all thank you all so much for the lovely comments wishing me a speedy recovery.
I have stopped coughing and spluttering and i am sleeping soundly and so is my poor husband..apparently i was snoring like a train for a while there..bless him he never said a word about it til today.
I have the legs of a jelly baby..but i am pootling about doing little bits and bobs.
I made my husband a huge trifle just for him to say "thanks " for being my hero and looking after me..i do appreciate it. I do think its going to take me a bit longer to get over it though.

Not being able to do much myself my husband went up into the attic and had a look around for stuff to get rid off..we are slowly getting rid of lots of rubbish that we have kept for far too long.
He found his old Amiga computer with games and all other bits that went with it.

I cleaned it up,photographed it and then listed it all..Simon was saying it won't sell or it will take forever and then sell for nothing..well today i sold it for £45..and lots of blank disks for £10..i have lots of watchers on the other old bits too including an old magazine..can't believe it myself but hey i am not complaining at all..its money in the paypal account that will pay for any bits and bobs we need.

Whilst he was up there he found quite a few of our son's Action man toys and tanks and other toys..i am going to clean them up and see what happens..

What about you ladies/gents have you ever thought that will never sell only to be pleasantly surprised when it did.?
take care


  1. one of the few "blessings" of living on such a busy road is that we can put stuff out near the pavement for folk to just take away for nothing ~ which saves us a lot of hassle as we don't have a car! It's been quite amazing just how much "old junk" we have disposed of out there LOL I suspect the "free" aspect of it is very appealing to some folk ;-)

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  3. Hi sharon thats a great idea.i may give it a go..we don't have a car either so it is hard to get rid of bigger things.


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