Crafty afternoon..

Hi all..well we had a busy was a bit grey outside and we were restless so out came my crafty bits.
When we did the girls bedroom i anted one wall to be for displaying their art work..i found a letter a already cut out and ready i just needed the other letters..i hand drew them so they are no where near perfect but look okish.
I cut them out and the we covered them in the craft paper i bought from Poundland.
We cut it into squares and strips..
 We then glued the strips onto the cutout letters.

 We turned them over to let them dry.
The heart shape i have had for ages..i bought that from B&M for a £1 last year..its been kicking around really..i had no idea what to do with it.
 We covered that in strips too..
 Once the glue was dry we trimmed off the excess paper.

 We did the same with the heart.
 I glued the letters onto some old book pages..we added some little embellishments.
 So we got all this done for very little money and had an enjoyable afternoon we got some lovely art to put up on the display wall. We have quite a bit of paper left as well..Poundland is very good for craft stuff,we love going in there to see what they have..trouble is you could spend a fortune without realizing it. I take a list with me and stick to it.
Do you like doing little crafty bits for next to nothing ?
take care


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