Craft afternoon..

Hello all i hope your all ok today.
Yesterday i had 2 little moochers..bit bored so out came a craft.
The girls get given a lot of craft gifts for Birthdays and Christmas and i also buy them when they are reduced just after Christmas too. I keep them in a box for days like yesterday.
It didn't take long and they enjoyed doing it together.

The girls are going to keep all the Sylvanian Family little bits in it.
We also received our Ten Minute Shake up packs today..

 There are some great ideas on the the girls were all excited as they get a timer watch..we have done one already..Beyomax brilliant moves..10 minutes of moving and dancing..
 These are the card liners..perfect for making windows out of on boxes or picture frames for little people to paint inside of.
So do you all buy craft kits and save them up for rainy you buy them when they are on offer/reduced.
This afternoon we are going to attempt some pompoms..then i am going to my DD Annies to give her a hand with the twins..can't wait to see them its been so long.
Welcome to my new follower your blog.
take care all


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