Bounty from the allotment..

Its getting to our best time of year with the allotment..i love it when the chaps come home with veggies..

 The onions are a Japanese variety called Snowglobe..they don't store over winter..they are an intermediate crop..they have been dried and hung upside down in the greenhouse..they are mild and you won't cry chopping them..and they are delicious.
These are our tomatoes in the greenhouse.
 This one is mine..i have my eye on it and hopefully it will taste good.
 Our first Courgette..i love one else in the house does..i try to pop them into just about everything lol.
 Look at the size of this egg..its tiny. For some reason every now and again the chickens lay one of small..but you would think it had edges on it the noise they make laying them.

We have had  lot of our New Potatoes for most of our meals..we have also had some Carrots but a vast majority of these will be frozen for winter and made into soup. Our lettuce's are just too good to describe..and any that have blown before we get them the chickens have and squabble over.
I look forward to seeing what the chaps bring home with them.
How about you love having fresh veggies brought home or pop in the garden to get them.
take care all


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