Attic haul and wow we built it from memory..

Hi all i hope that your all ok today..
Well yesterday we went back in to the attic to keep up with our de-cluttering..we got rid of 2 huge bags of absolute rubbish..why we kept them i will never know..but they have gone into the re-cycling now.
We found 2 bags of old old computer games that are in good condition with all the bits and they will be listed on ebay for a week..if they don't sell in that time i will bin them too.
Simon hit the jackpot and made 2 little girls very happy..we found our older girls very first Barbie House..its not fantastic but they loved was in pieces and thankfully all the bits were there..we spent about 30 minutes putting it instruction they are long gone..but we did it from memory..looks good what do you think?

 We found the Baywatch Barbie tent..the other bits for it are already being played with..
 An old Barbie puzzle with all the bits.
 Peggy pegs but thats not a problem
 Craft weaving..never been used..
 Finally the house in the girls bedroom..i woke up this morning to find them playing with it and singing and dancing..made me chuckle..what a lovely way to wake up.
We also found the old wooden bricks but they can be was lovely to see all the old toys brought  back so many memories..we also found the older girls and Sam's school reports..i sorted through them and will give them to the girls when i see them was lovely to read through them.
Well am off into the attic again at the i wonder what else we will find?
How about you ladies..have you een attic clearing and found some good bits you can't get rid of?
take care all


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