Art Wall and surprise on ebay..

Hi all hope your ok and not too soggy in this weather..hopefully it will stop soon..but veggies won't grow without it.
I was pleasantly surprised yesterday old Amiga game sold for over £10..was shocked it went for that much..but it all helps..the parcel will be sent via courier..
So i told you all a while ago that i wanted to create an Art Wall in the girls room..we want to show their work and also make a blank wall look good.

As you can see its a work in progress..i let the girls choose their own pieces to put up and pretty sure it will expand to other wall as well..i think its nice to look back on how they have changed styles and started to be creative on their own..kind of a growing wall..from stick figures to lovely water colours..i have a few more pictures to put up later on.
How about you ladies have you saved art work and used it to decorate.
take care


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