Surprise in the Post..Thank you Marie

Hi all..well this morning we had a lovely surprise in the friend Marie sent the girls some beautiful crafty bits and bobs..
So excited to see this on the front

The excitement is building

I made them wait a minute so i could take a picture

A little note
Iris cannot contain herself any longer

Its like Christmas..WOW!!!!


Christmas stickers

Pretty sure this is a wax sealer..forgive me if i am wrong
Buttons and earrings

Gold wreath

Christmas tags

Fern has her eye on this one

Gold wreath being used as a halo on a sylvanian doll.
So all this came from my friend..i can't thank you enough Marie,it will all certainly be put to great use..the only picture that didn't turn out right was the crochet owls..which are just so cute and we have plans to sew them onto headbands and cardigans.
take care


  1. You are very welcome Sara. You are right about the seal, but I couldn't find any sealing wax, I must have used it all. I am sure you would get some in Smiths or somewhere like that.

    I hope the girls can find some use for them

    Much love

    Marie xx

  2. Hi Marie..o it caused much excitement this morning..Iris simply couldn't wait..they both send hugs and Thanks to you..
    I will look for sealing wax thank you..
    love to you


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