Look who came to stay...

Olivia trying to escape the inevitable winding from grandad
We were very lucky grand-parents on Friday and got to have our little beauties overnight for their mummy to get  some much needed sleep..we were anticipating being up in the night but no..the girls were amazing and slept through til between 4 and 5 for us..i had my camera all set up ready to catch them up at 2 or 3 in the morning but it never happened.

Little miss Esme fast asleep

Both babies love to sleep on their tummies, i know its going against advice of experts but if a baby won't sleep you have to find a way that they will.Don't they look just adorable..Olivia in Pink and Esme in blue..they made us cry when they smiled at us..its been a while since we had a baby give us a beautiful gummy grin..we decided to tag team them..i had Olivia and Simon had Esme..bless them they got kissed to oblivion by the girls. Our girls were amazing helpers too..fetching nappies and getting the wipes ready for us.
It felt like old times having babies in the house again..lovely.
take care all


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