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Hi all..i hope your all ok..this has been another busy week.
Lots of things going on and lots of celebrations too..
Firstly Fathers Day..my husband had a great day with lots of cards and some wonderful gifts..he received a Wolfs Head Hoe..these are good quality garden tools and something he needed.

Bit blurred..sorry
It was also our Wedding Anniversary on Sunday along with our DD Andrea who celebrated her 1st Wedding Annivesary..she came up for lunch..
Hello gorgeous..

Sleeping on Uncle Sam..comfy place.

Some of our Anniversary cards.
We seemed to just get the house back to normal looking forward to a quiet week when i remembered we had the hairdresser coming on Monday to cut our hair..and well today is my birthday and tomorrow is my brother Simon's birthday..so its busy again.
Some of my cards..
These are my gifts aren't they gorgeous..quick close up of the mug
Not sure its true but i am trying..
I baked on Saturday and decided to make some Viennese biscuits..quite easy really but i do need a better piping bag i think.
They have all gone so they must have been good.
We had some Broad Beans from our allotment for lunch..very nice they were too..
And here is one more picture of baby Olivia having a nosy..isn't she just too cute..but i am biased.
Just gorgeous little girls but very hard work..we also had our granddaughter Emma for the day yesterday..she is such a little poppet and absolutely no hard work at all..she goes along with the girls and plays lovely with them..she also has a big appetite for a little girl..she makes me chuckle..
I will be back with some more posts about school work and the garden..how has your week and weekend been.?
take care all


  1. Happy anniversary Sara, it is our's today, 48 years, and my Mum said it wouldn't last lol.

    Sam looks very relaxed with the baby. The twins are coming on so well but I am sure they are hard work when they are both hungry.

    Love to everyone

    Marie x

    1. Hi Marie..o happy anniversary too..yes its weird how folks say "it won't last"..we were given 6 months ,29 years later still going strong..
      Yes the twins are very hardwork all the time bless them but it's all worth it.

  2. The baskets are going to look lovely when in full bloom. I don't know about you, but our roses are absolutely gorgeous this year, lots of buds and not a greenfly in sight, touch wood.

    What a help lovely Sam is, especially with the allotment, and I suppose he must be picking up quite a few tips from the older members up at the allotments.

    Hugs to the girls

    Marie x

  3. Hi Marie..my rose is growing wonderfully this year..so glad yours are too.
    Sam is amazing around the allotment and home..he loves the old chaps and all the stories they tell him..


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