Grandma to the rescue and a very happy little girl..

Ok as you all know Ft2 gave up her precious Watch cushion..its called this as she sits on the floor with it and reads on it,lays on it and generally loves it..she can't sit on a sofa for love nor money..such a fidget bottom..she is all elbows and knees poking you in places that generally are tender and hurt a lot.
We made her this a few years ago and since then its been a godsend for us and her..well my mum found out that Ft2 have given it to her nieces so she arrived like the pillow queen and dropped off old pillows and sheets..she had raided her airing cupboard and linen ottoman ..she made our day..
So here is how we made it..its not hard infact if i can make one then literally anyone can..
Old sheets


 Measure out how much you need..i put 3 pillows in it..hemmed the bottom and top..

I measured how big the pillows were then stitched a line to make a pocket for the pillow to go in..i used a pencil to mark the line out.

Almost there..3 pillows in the pockets ..trimmed off the excess and made a nice edge.
 All hemmed up and ready to go..
One very happy and comfy little girl..
Thanks grandma..
Cost to make 0
Cost to Ft2= priceless..
take care all


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