Got ya..the mystery is solved!!!

Hi all..hope your all ok..
Have you ever heard a sound and thought what the heck is that or where is that coming from?
For the past month maybe longer whenever i have sat in the garden having a coffee or just doodling around i have heard a weird its not that weird but i honestly thought my house phone was ringing..i ran up the path towards the house and it this went on for weeks..until the other evening i was sat quietly and i saw a blackbird land on the hedge in front of me..and lo and behold what did it do but make that ringing phone sound right in front of me..i couldn't believe it..but finally i have solved the mystery.
Now we look for him..he chirps away so beautifully then this phone sound all of a sudden pops out mid song..i bet  the other birds are confused by can here the silence from the other blackbirds when he does if to say "what?" is lovely to hear the birds singing and chirruping away all just makes us laugh now when we hear the blackbird make a phone call.
I finally managed to get a picture of him as well..he landed in the conifer so i zoomed in and got him..
The culprit..

Have you ever heard a bird make a weird noise or any other animal make a strange sound?
take care


  1. Blackbirds tend to make funny noises around here, then some of the other birds make a right noise as well, but I love watching and listening to them x

  2. Yes i love listening to them beautiful and happy


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