Garden goings on..

My husband loves doing his flower baskets every year..they are so beautiful every year..he is particularly proud as he grows all the flowers from seed himself..we always have lovely flowers in the garden.

Here is one of this years baskets..the baskets themselves were freebies..a neighbour was going to throw them away and i cheekily asked if i could have them..he very graciously said yes..we have 2 of them.

Some of our tubs filled with flowers

The other basket

2 more mounted tubs

Lots of flowers left over to fill more tubs

I have always loved the box hedges you can buy to go by the front door of your home..i seriously can't afford the prices on some of know which ones i mean..the lovely round ones in posh husband came up with the great idea of taking cuttings off the hedge in our garden and letting them grow..hopefully they will root and in no time at all i will have a few to put near my doors..fingers crossed for me please.
The allotment is filling up very son goes  up daily to water and weed..he enjoys the solitude of the place..he has chats with the old fellas up there and they leave him to get on with it..
We have had some more rhubarb and radishes too..
The chickens are now both laying an egg a day..i will have to start giving some away soon.
All of the fruit trees are doing well..we did lose some pears but thats ok..i would rather have a few quality ones than tiny hard ones..the apples are doing well ,,the newest tree has fruit on it..the plum tree is doing great as well..i really miss our cherry tree..we had to have it cut down as it was huge and nothing would grow near it..shame as the cherries were the dessert type..the birds absolutely gorged themselves as did we. We would spend ages collecting them..i even bought a cherry pitter so i could make jam..which i did only once but it was very tasty..
Right thats the garden caught up for are your gardens doing so far?


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