Garden and Greenhouse ..

Hi all...hope that your all ok and enjoying this nice weather..

Everything is growing away nicely and hopefully the warm weather won't ruin's very hard sometimes to keep the temperature at an even in the greenhouses..we have the doors open and windows ,that helps but sometimes its too hot and they all wilt in the heat..we water and spray them regularly but sometimes you miss one and it ends up shrivelled..poor things.
Our Sherpa cucumber

Growing nicely
In fact that was last week when i took the pics and guess what we had for lunch today
Look at that little beauty..there are at least another 4 ready to pick and another half a dozen at the same size as the top picture..they taste so lovely..and so far i am indigestion free..only had a few slices but normally i get terrible indigestion from cucumbers..i love them but they don't love me.
The tomatoes are doing very well too so it won't be long before i have them..i so love fresh salads..a lettuce just picked and then pop into the greenhouse to pick the rest is just bliss and it does save money maybe not a lot but a little..and a little counts.
Tomatoes growing nicely..
My son went to the allotment and brought home a test batch of New Potatoes..i forgot to take a picture of them in the bucket but here they are just before we ate them all..and they were just as good as i remembered from last year..i so look forward to them every year..

I also found a drawer in my freezer with some frozen Beetroot in it..i defrosted and then poured over some vinegar and a sprinkle of sugar,let it stand for 30 minutes and voila will keep in the fridge in a container for about 3 days..i freeze all our Beetroot..we can't keep up with the glut sometimes..and its not hard to boil and slice them up ..freeze them in slices for how ever many people like it and it keeps us in Beetroot nearly all year.
Our fruit trees are doing very too..we have some pears,apples and plums..they are fruiting but we expect the June drop..and also when they get bigger we will thin them out so we get maybe not that many but good quality fruit..the thinnings if they taste ok we will eat or the chickens will have them..
So thats our garden and greenhouse so far..
O before i forget here's and update on our Sweet Potato experiment..

Just look at the roots on that..i can't believe how much it has grown..
O our son came back from the allotment and brought me some Broad we are recent converts to these..we never grew them or had eaten them before..a friend gave me  abag last year and i thought" well why not ..lets try them.".we loved now they are a must to grow every year
So ladies/gents..what is going on in your gardens and greenhouses and have you recently tried something new that you never thought you would like or grow.
Take care all


  1. Have you tried cucumber slightly pickled, just with vinegar and a little sugar for about 30 minutes. It still tastes like cucumber but doesn't cause me any indigestion?

    1. Hi i haven't tried it that way before but i certainly will now.
      thank you

  2. We have lots growing at the moment. Ready to eat are our cut and scoff salad leaves, spincha nd the strawberries are just beginning to ripen.
    We have flowers on some of the tomato plants, and pods forming on the peas. Everything else is growing along nicely. Won't be long :-)

    1. Hi Sarah..its such a nice feeling isn't it..and i think it all tastes better when you have grown yourself..satisfying


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