Crafty goings on..

My little ones absolutely love Sylvanian Families and were very,very lucky to get quite a lot of them for friend gave us some Sylvanian Magazines to read..they have lots of lovely and inspiring things to draw,make and build inside them..

The beach house you can make

Beach house instructions and template

Book covers

Drawing instructions
Shop shelving to make

Food labels for the little shops.

 This is our attempt at making the Beach-house..its not that complicated..its sodding complicated and time consuming to do..
We will hopefully get around to finishing it some time this week..the girls want to make another one..maybe when my brain has recovered from this one..
I think the magazines are brilliant and i want to sign up to the club for them..i had a look for the club and found a catalogue you order online for £3..thats not bad as it would become like the holy bible of Sylvanians for the girls..and keep them quiet for ages and then inevitably out would come the pen and they will mark all the ones they list them and leave the list where you accidentally find it..i love that about children..they see it they want it..unfortunately i want doesn't get is the rule in this house..harsh maybe but thats the way it is, the girls understand this and are very good about it,they don't know the extent of our worries and neither should they..our older girls and son were brought up the same way and it never did them any harm. The girls will get to choose one for Birthdays and Santa may bring one too but only if they are good.But i am definitely going to order the catalogue for them.
Wish me luck with the rest of this project..its very fiddly and lots of glue was shed all over the table cover..we have all the pieces cut out ready to go and now we need time to do it.

 The girls spent some time painting..they are using water colours aren't they lovely..i like to see them doing it..i think this way it teaches patience and also co-ordination they get to colour co-ordinate ..i know that sounds daft but children need to know what goes with what and what compliments what..painting helps them to see this for themselves.
So thats some of our crafty bits.
Have you ever started a project and then thought o no what am i doing?
take care all.


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