Wow and Welcome..

Firstly i want to thank everyone who has started to follow me(in a good way,not a stalker way).. and all the comments are just lovely..Thank you so much.
I can't believe how excited i got last night when i saw all the new followers and poor hubby almost dropped his tea and i started to squeal with excitement and jump up and down a little bit..i have a permanent grin on my face this morning.My phone has been going crazy with messages from my older girls saying "mum check your blog"..
My life is busy yet so enjoyable..i have a lot of children as you will find out and grandchildren that are almost the same ages as my 2 little bonus babies as i call them.
Ok so i will give you a quick run down of children
DD1..has 2 little twin girls
DD2 has a little girl and a little boy
DD3 has 2 little girls
DS 1 yes a living at home
DD4 is 9
DD5 is 6..
Its confusing at times but lovely to have so many and lucky they are all healthy and happy little children.
The funny thing is when we are all together if one shouts "mum" we all turn around..
I was a very young mum and had 4 babies in quick succession..i was tired but content and happy..then along came baby 5..surprise surprise..i was actually called a "geriatric mother" by the consultant at the hospital..that is the term they use to catergorize mums over the age of when i had baby 6..well you can imagine my surprise and theirs..but i was fine and so was my baby..i actually felt great and tank like during the there's mud in the eye for that consultant.

Anyway back to the present..i love doing this and sharing what i do..if it can help or in anyway just help folks realize that "hey i can do that" then i will be a happy person.

Many thanks to all of you and i hope you don't get confused with all the children/grandchildren..
                                             much love
                                                   Sara (a.k.a flowertotmum) 


  1. Hi Sara,

    I don't know why you are so surprised your blog is a success, you have such an interesting life and clearly love your family very much.

    We have spent the last couple of days in the garden and it is looking good and very tidy. Jess has done so well and I am really proud of him. It has been very difficult since his heart attack and a long road, but I think I have the old Jess back.

    How is Simon's arm now?

    Please give the girls a hug from me

    Much love

    Marie x

    1. Hi marie i am glad to hear Jess is doing well and recovering..
      Simon's arm is no better unfortunately..but we are doing ok
      I am surprised at how my blog is doing..i always thought i was a bit boring lol
      Hugs will be given when they come back in from the garden
      love to you and Jess and Flora

  2. I am one of your new followers! Happy to have found you! I know what you mean - I have only just added Google Friend Connect to my blog and I too get very excited when I go on and there are new followers! Crazy lady excited!
    I too was a geriatric mother - terrible term, isn't it? I had my last baby at 40. But no grands yet.
    And your son came after three girls. He must have been terribly bossed around!
    Look forward to catching up with you some more.

    1. Hello Jayne..yes its awful term especially when you don't feel geriatric..nope not crazy lady at all..
      O my lovely son was such a surprise..he is adored by his older sisters and a total super hero to the little ones..
      take care

  3. Dear Sara
    Just to reply to your comment yesterday - I'm the one who lives in Lincolnshire. I live in Lincoln itself, but have also lived in or near Stamford for quite a few years. Lincolnshire is a beautiful place to live, you're quite right, but then, we would think that, wouldn't we?!
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Ellie..yes it is a beautiful place to live..o your not that far from me then..yes we are yellow bellies
      take care

  4. Looking forward to hearing more about your lovely family - it must be lovely when you're all together - I had 3 children quite close together and loved it when they were all teenagers, we did nothing but laugh then xxx

    1. Hi is lovely if crowded when we are all together..we kind of take over anywhere we go lol..our family has a wicked sense of humour and unfortunately if you have a chink in your armour you are the target in a nice way though..

  5. Hi Sara, your room makeovers are lovely. Looking forward to sharing all your frugal exploits.

    fuddle x

    1. Hello..o thank you so much..i have been inspired by lots of blogs and a beautiful book i received as a room is my and when funds allow it..but i am working on it.


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