Upcycling and other bits..

Hi all,thought i would share some of my little bits that i have done to finish off the girls bedroom..

The picture frames all different colours with mis-matched pics in them

After a few coats of paint and some lovely pictures in them and they look new..the pictures i have had for years,i found them on an obscure Chinese website and they took forever to down load but are worth the effort.
I also had a go at de-coupage on a plain white lampshade that i bought for £2.99..now me and knives don't mix to well together ..however i did it and still have all my fingers..
This it after and look no blood stains lol
This is what the pictures look like in the bedroom
I also had an idea..i know its surprising isn't it..the girls have  quite a few Sylvanian Houses and they were just stuck in boxes not being played with..so i did this and now they are being played with..
Hung up on hooks within easy reach..

In the garden we did a quick updo of an old water barrel that looked a bit battered..2 tins of spray paint and it looks good.

Before we got to work..
Looking better..we found a lot of guttering behind the shed and decided to put it up on every shed we can even the girls wendy house now has guttering and a rain barrel..
So that was just part of my week..i will be posting again this week.
take care all


  1. The girls' bedroom looks gorgeous Sara, and what a good idea with the picture frames. They must be thrilled with it and how grown up, it should last them a few years now.

    You say you are no good with scissors, but the lamp shade looks great. I don't know how you find time for everything.

    I hope the babies and Annie are doing well.

    Much love
    Marie x

  2. Thank you Marie..i am hoping it does last a good few years. We have a quiet time in the afternoon..they read and i get time to do little bits and bobs.The babies are doing great thanks..will have some more pics of them up soon.
    love you.


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