Rhubarb and Granola plus a parcel..

Hi again..my son went up to the allotment last week and brought back some lovely Rhubarb..it didn't take long to make it in to pies and crumbles..
Bucket of loveliness 

Two pies and two crumbles.We have already had one pie with vanilla icecream for pudding..the others have been frozen for future puddings.

I have to admit a few years ago i was buying Granola..things changed and i could no longer afford to buy the one i liked..i found this recipe on The Prudent Homemaker and gave it a go..needless to say my Granola cravings are well and truly satisfied and its so easy to make..

It really doesn't take long to do and it will last a while in an airtight jar..we have ours with yoghurt for breakfast.

I received a big parcel last week can you guess what it is?
From another angle?
Well i will put you out of your misery lol..its this
My new shopping trolley..i know a lot of people think they are for little old ladies..but i don't care..this beauty helps me get my shopping home with out making my arms feel like they have come out their sockets..and i can get quite a bit in it too..i love it. In fact we have one each..my hubby has one for the heavy stuff and i have the light stuff..wonderful.
If you want the Granola recipe let me know or go to The Prudent Homemaker.com and find it there.
Take care 


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