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Hi all..thanks to my new followers Fionna,Heather and Marie welcome to all 3 of you..i was so excited to see i had followers.
Well this week has been busy again..not so frugal as i would have liked but sometimes that how it goes.
We have been working on The Solar System and painting planets,learning rhymes to remind us of the order of planets.
Mercury -my
Venus- very
Earth- energetic
Mars- mum
Jupiter- just
Saturn- served
Uranus- us
Neptune- noodles
Its been going around in my head for days..

I have got a majority of my laundry dry outside..there is nothing better than lined dried laundry..smells amazing.
We finally got the girls room finished ..it looks so grown up and hopefully will last them til they are lots bigger.
I sorted all their clothes..2 huge bags went to my DD for my GD'S and i have some to sell on ebay.
The wardrobes have been scalped and i am trying to minimize the clothes they have..i put a bag of clothes away for FT2 ,she only has little legs and the clothes will fit her nicely in time for the Winter. FT1 needs some new under garments which is not a problem to buy.
I baked on Saturday and made home-made Sausage rolls..they didn't last long enough to get any pics of them.I made Farmhouse Ginger Biscuits..they are delicious and probably won't last long either,i made a lovely chocolate cake and covered it in Chocolate Frosting and fresh strawberries..wow that went down really well at tea time.We had the rest of the strawberries with cream for Sunday tea
I got my shopping from Lidl..i love that shop. The one we go to has been refurbished so its bigger and has a lot more to offer than it did before.
I bought myself a book called The Language of Flowers..i can't wait for it to get here..
My lovely hubby made cobs yesterday and look at them beauties
They are delicious and so soft,we have about 40 cobs that will be bagged up and frozen for our lunches this week.
We also bought a big joint of Pork..cut in half,1 cooked and sliced the other half frozen for use at a later time.

Look at the meat you get from it when its been sliced..we also did a ham joint at the same time..our slicer is one of the best things we have ever bought..we have Pork for Sunday Lunch and enough left over for tea and cobs for lunch the next day as well,the Ham will be used for lunches and tea in the week.

Well that was most of my week..how was yours?
Take care folks.


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