Garden visitors..

Hi the title says Garden Visitors..where we live we are surrounded by gardens that back on to ours..its quite lovely really..we have nice neighbours all around our garden is a corner plot and is quite big..not that big but big enough.
We some times get a squirrel..little devil won't sit still long enough for me to get a picture..he disappears quickly..flash and he is gone..
We have a lot of birds that visit us..but these below have just started to visit our garden and it was wonderful to watch them hoping about. Try to spot one..

See him/her

This one was taken through the kitchen window..i like them some don't but hey they have to live somewhere.

We found this little fella in the greenhouse..don't worry we set him free
Also these cheeky chappies on some flowers..
Its a whole nest of baby spiders..they are still there, not flown away yet. So beautiful to look at..we will leave them til they go..
Living where we do on the edge of a town we are lucky to get lots of wildlife..all manner of birds visit plus a Heron who has taken a liking to our fish..we have now netted the pond but the cheeky devil keeps trying..

What wildlife do you get?
take care ftm


  1. When we lived in the UK we had magpies visit the garden too. They used to disappear into the hedge and pull other birds' chicks out of the nests :-(
    It wouldn't have been so bad if they ate them, but we used to just find them dead on the floor - such a waste. But I suppose Nature can be cruel

  2. Yes sometimes it can be you say not too bad if they eat them,but to just waste them is awful..


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