Baby pictures...

Ok here are some more pics of these two gorgeous little girls.
Andrea our eldest came with them the other day..Esme did nothing but sleep and Olivia was with her grandad being winded as she just won't let it go..but blows off something wicked ..
Esme fast asleep

Olivia wide awake.
Nope changed my mind
Aren't they just beautiful..but i am biased aren't i????..I am so incredibly proud of my daughter Andrea..she is coping extremely knackered but so in love with her girls it brings tears to my eyes..
All ready to go home..Fern and Iris are such great girls,they help out with them as much as they can..they want a baby response" go ask your dad" lol..
So there they are..
take care all


  1. As a mummy to a two weeker myself I'm blown away by the idea of anyone coping with twins (or more). Well done to their mummy, they look wonderfully taken care of. And well done nanny and grandad for helping out.

    X x

  2. Hi..o congratulations to you feeling?..the babies are so good and their mum is brilliant..kinda thrown in at the deep end with twins but she is doing really well..tell you what its our pleasure to have them..we can't get enough of them..

  3. Sara, those babes are just beautiful, I shall enjoy watching them growing. Does Esme sleep more than Olivia, or do they sleep at different times? One of my girls would hold on to her wind until the very last moment, then it was like cannon firing lol.

    I hadn't realised you had quite so many girls in the family, but as I said when our secnd daughter was born, best stick to what you know.

    Have a good weekend

    Marie x

  4. Hi marie..they sleep together but have a little thing where one wakes and has a feed,the other one dozes for a while..Olivia holds her wind and then trumpets loudly makes me laugh. Esme actually went nearly all through the night on Thursday..Annie is hoping it was the start of a habit..
    Yes the female gene is strong in this branch of the family..all pink with 2 spots of blue..
    love to you and Jess

  5. my siblings are twins and many many years ago, I was a nanny to twins, very hard work xxxx

    1. Hi froogs..yes they are very hardwork but so worth it


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