Are you embarrassed by your shopping?

 Hello everyone.

So as above are you embarrassed by your shopping?

Do you think that by having these products from Asda are poverty markers or just wise folks switching to something just as good but much cheaper?

I only ask as i have just read an article which says people are embarrassed by the colour and it points out they are poor???

I have to admit i have celebrated that a supermarket is doing food items at a much cheaper rate. It saved me about £15 on a big shop. I have tried a lot of the items as well.

Baked beans..i don't eat them but they got a thumbs up from everyone else.

Cheese and tomato pizza..this is for quickness when my son is on a late shift so far he likes them.

Chicken breast..amazing and just as good as the more expensive.

Mince beef/pork..absolutely fine.

To me it doesn't matter what it looks like, its how you cook it and serve it that counts.

And to be quite honest i could not care less if people thought i was poor by buying long as it saves me some money and its good then really who cares.

To me it seems everyone is more concerned with the appearance of their shopping rather than the value.

What is your opinion on this..i am interested to hear from you

Take care



  1. Hi, I think they call it "food snobbery"!! It's ridiculous. Slow cooked cheaper cuts of meat are gorgeous!! When I worked, one of my colleagues used to drop her grandchild off at a private nursery - she said the owner used to shop at a discount supermarket for the nursery's food shop, but pack it into a high end supermarket's carrier bags in case any of the parents saw her unpacking it from her van!! Times are getting tough now, I would imagine everyone is downgrading from branded food products, I certainly am.

    1. Wow that's unreal isn't it..having to hide it incase of complaints. Yes everyone if they have any sense will go down a brand to save some money.

  2. I'm planning on stocking up with them as soon as I move.

    1. I don't blame pantry is looking very yellow but well stocked.

  3. I often get the 'value' products and don't feel any embarrassment whatsoever. xx

  4. I buy a lot of house brands and that saves me a great deal. Money saved is always good.

    God bless.


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