Waiting for his Bestie to come home..

 Hello all, how are you all today?
As you know we have a lovely little dog Jack.
Small and cute but with some peculiar habits bless him.
He does not like Chickens at all..this stems from when he first arrived here..he somehow got into the Chicken Pen. I can honestly say the ladies did not like this little black yapping thing running around in there. He was rescued by us but not before they had laid down the law to him a few times. So now if i am watching the telly and chickens are clucking away his ears prick up and he starts growling and barking at them.

The doorbell is the another thing he doesn't like..also the phone. Its like we have been invaded or are about to be. He goes berserk.

His food is another weird thing. He will not eat unless we are in there with him. If we shut the door he will sit and wait until we go back into the porch and then start eating. Not sure where this behaviour came from but its no biggie to stand and wait for him.

But this is the cutest thing he does..

This is where his dad sits.. and Jack will sit there and wait for his bestie to come home.
When my husband goes to work or the allotments , Jack will go and just wait. Sometimes curled up and pretending to sleep or sat up waiting.
When my husband comes home it's like he has been gone for days , he is so happy and a lovely cheerful little chap.
Does your pet do weird things?
take care 


  1. My Beano will run away from his food if anything noisy happens when he's eating.


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