Sometimes just sometimes you have to spend.

 Hello lovely people , how are you today?
Is everyone enjoying the heat wave..not to put a downer on it but i am not. I do not cope well with really hot temperatures and its got worse the older i getšŸ˜³.

Well on to the topic of today..spending money.
Sometimes you have to its not that you really want to but a case of having to.
We had a gorgeous double oven with 8 gas rings given to us a few years ago ..i was in heaven and we built our entire kitchen around it. It was the centre of my new kitchen and i loved it. Unfortunately it was old when we got it and had a few issues..the grill would not work ..we had a toaster so that wasn't a problem.
Then the oven would not switch off..and it would come on and off at various times through out the we ended up switching the electric off as soon as i had done with it. Then the temperature control started to over heat or just not get hot enough. 
So i rang around repair men trying to get some one to come and fix it.
1, refused as it was dual fuel.
2 , didn't even ring back.
3, quoted me £379 plus £79 call out fee.
So for me to have it fixed with only a 6 month guarantee on his work it was going to cost us £458.
I told him i would think about it. And then rang back and declined.

My husband and i sat down and talked about it over a coffee  and decided that for an extra £121 we could have a lovely new one with a 5 year guarantee.
To be honest it was a no brainer, we plumped for the new one.
I found one i liked the look of and more specifically it was within our price range and also that it would fit in the gap.
And here it is..

It arrived early and my husband and son had to remove wooden edgings on my worktop to get the old one out and then lift the new one in.
It is so lovely to have a grill and an oven that once switched off stays off.
It's a big expense for us  and has knocked our bank account sideways but it will recover eventually.
So sometimes you have to spend .
take care


  1. Indeed you do! I also have a double width range master which is the delight of my life and I wouldn't be without it for the world so I totally understand and how lovely to know everything is in working order, clean, new and shiny.


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