When will people learn..

Hello all,how are you?
I do hope that you are all safe and taking the Stay Home request seriously.
Its to stop the spread and also save lives..unfortunately some folks appear to have a death wish and also pass it on to others.
Case in point..Friday night a family up the road from us had a gathering with people turning up and going in the house ..a toddler was present.
Yesterday same family had a car washing episode..seems it takes 4-5 hours and 3 chaps to do it..1 lives there 2 don't.
I have zero sympathy for them if they catch this awful virus..only one that deserves any sympathy is the toddler who has no choice..thanks to stupid parents and the fact they are its parents deserves the most sympathy.
I myself miss my older girls and grandchildren terribly..but i want them to be safe so its messages and phone calls for us until it gets better.
I really think people should be prosecuted for breaking the rules like that.
Our poor NHS is struggling and many nurses,doctors are doing their dammed best to help us..to the point they themselves are dying..and people like this think the rules do not apply to them.
What  a wonderful world they must live in..
My brother is a police officer,my ex SIL is a prison officer and their children are still going to school..its idiots like the family up the road that will pass on the virus to someone who is trying to do their job.
Please just stop and think about other families.
Finally i want to say Thank you to all the Posties,deliverymen,shop workers and anyone else who is currently working to keep our country going.
Stay safe everyone.


  1. My disabled neighbour has her daughters and their children visiting a couple times a week, she says she feels safe because they only come to see her. Our daughter came this week to bring us some food, she dropped it on door step, got back into her car and we then went to wave to our grandson through the closed window, did not touch the outside of the car. it's hard but as you say better to be clever than stupid.


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