Good afternoon everyone..

Hello everyone ,how are you all?
Well its been a strange few weeks and going to get stranger I think. It feels surreal to go out and not see a soul and then seeing folks queueing outside shops. It has an upside to all this ..its so cars,buses or lorries only kiddies playing in gardens.
If we all stay home and only shop when we need to then hopefully this virus will die out and life can get back to normal for everybody.
In our home my husband has been suspended from work until further notice, also my son who works for Argos has been transferred to Sainsbury's on the night shift til further notice.
My eldest daughter is a shop worker so is still at work, my second eldest is a stay at home mum but now homeschooling 2 of my grandchildren and my 3rd eldest is working from home whilst trying to homeschool 2 more of my grandchildren..they are all doing a great job.
I miss my girls terribly but we have a WhatsApp group chat and speak daily..we are all there for each other..its not the same as seeing them but I want them to be safe and so do I for my 2 youngest girls.

So with hubby at home its been almost like a holiday feeling but we both know the danger lurking ..we have spoken to the girls and explained all about the virus and what we need to do to be safe..they are a little worried but understand it has to be done.
Saying that I have seen some neighbours ignoring the advice and having family pop in and out..that is there issue and I will leave them to it.

Here at Flowertot Mansion we have decided to make the best of it and carry on as normal within the house and the first of many little make overs has taken place and the girls did it with a little help from dad.
We had a really rickety beat up stool that was falling to bits..however I couldn't part with it..this stool was my go to when I was pregnant and needed a quick sit down in the had earned a make over.
Sat in the garden giving it some coats of paint..before this they had sanded it down and I helped them glue all the joints together with wood glue..we then put huge bands around it to hold them in place.
It took 2 coats of white emulsion and 2 coats of looks new.

Their dad made a new hard seat for it and we chose a cushion cover to cut up and use as a is padded underneath with foam we had left over from cushion making.
I think they did a really good job.

Whilst the girls were making over the stool I made some Tomato and Onion Chutney.
I defrosted tomatoes I froze last year..looked a bit saggy when they had completely defrosted but they peeled easier. Or should I say they popped when squeezed.

This is my absolute favourite to make and eat, its so easy and so delicious.
I have also attempted to make my own Tortillas..
They taste just as good as bought ones but mine are not round, it is not my forte to roll I gave up with trying to make them circular and made them my husband said " as long as they taste ok who cares what they look like". This recipe is easy and quick..its just takes a while to cook them but it is worth it. They can also be frozen with a sheet of greaseproof paper separating them.
If you would like the recipe then I will pop it up.

Lastly I would like to say a big Thank You to all the NHS are totally amazing and deserve huge amounts of respect and a bloody big pay rise.
Yes that is harsh ,but the moaners will be the first ones to scream blue bloody murder if they catch it.
You all take care and be safe,


  1. I have that exact same stool and know just how useful it is. I bet a lot of children will be going to return to school having learned heckuva lot more than they might have done at school.

  2. Mum and Dad had a stool exactly like that and, in fact, I think it might still be in the garage. It was my stool for sitting at the table before I was big enough for a dining chair. I love the cushion top - what a splash of colour.

    It's not just the NHS although they are brilliant, of course. It's everyone who is still working to keep our society together - people like the bin men who are still making the weekly pick-ups, post men and other delivery people, teachers trying to keep things together for the little ones who have to go to school and many others too.
    Stay safe. xx


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