This house is going to be a mess..

Hello all,how are you today?
This house is going to be a bit chaotic this week and probably a mess as well.
The council are putting new boilers in..and upgrading our radiators.
I am losing my tank in the airing cupboard which i am not happy about as i use the warmth from the tank to dry clothes mainly jumpers and cardigans.But i am looking forward to having a new boiler. We have had our boiler for 23 was put in 18 months before we exchanged.It has been ok..bit temperamental at times and is now so out dated they can't get the parts at all any more.
Today i have emptied my airing cupboard and had to move some stuff around so the plumbers have access to do their jobs.
I will be redoing the airing cupboard will be painted white and hopefully some new shelving will be put in..then the big space at the bottom will be for spare linens and curtains..i am going to put them all in the vacuum bags ,stack them up and fingers crossed i will have a bit more space and will be able to see clearly what i have got.
I am  looking forward to having some of the new big radiators..hoping it will warm up our bedroom and be more efficient at keeping us all warm and spending less on the gas bill.
It means we won't have water for a day so i will be filling up a bucket for the loo and also filling up my big drinks dispenser..only the second time i will have used it.My mum is next door and has offered us the use of her bath if we need it and also do some washing for me.
I always feel a bit upskittled when i have to have people in to do i can't relax until they have gone. Do you ever feel like that?


  1. Me too - I like my space and privacy!

    1. Yes i feel that..we like to do our thing and always feel invaded when workmen come in..


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