A Honey Dipper..homemade

My hubby is a clever chap..i know i go on about him but he is very talented and can turn his hand to most things..if not he will research it using Youtube tutorials and then have a go at it.
I have wanted a honey dipper for ages but never really got around to buying one or to be honest looking for one.
Now for Fathers Day my lovley son bought his dad a Wood Turning Lathe..didn't ask how much it cost him but he wouldn't have bought it if he couldn't afford it..money wise is our boy.
So since then hubby has been out in his shed making little bits and bobs..he made me my new ring and also one each for himself and Sam.
He kept pincjing my little wooden pastry brush for measurements..then he turned up with this.

My very own hand made one of a kind Honey Dipper..its gorgeous
Thank you..xx


  1. Now that is something I have never turned. I have more than my fair share of bowls, bud vases and chair legs...the legs were practice pieces. I haven't turned anything in a long while.


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