Monday, 8 May 2017


Hello all,how are you today?
I am dumbfounded and quite annoyed.
My son bought me a very nice watch for Christmas..i wear it all the time its a big chunky red one..can't miss it.
I took it off on Friday night ,put it on the bed before my bath..between then and bedtime it vanished.
Hubby hasn't moved it..i have had the bedroom to bits looking for it..its not under the bed,in the bed or somehow got mixed up in the duvet.its completely gone.
The girls haven't moved it neither has my where is it?
I have been trying to remember if i moved it after my bath but nope i am sure i didn't.
It will turn up i hope as i really like it..
Have you ever had stuff go missing only to turn up somewhere completely different to where you think you left it?


  1. Hallo Sara, yes many things, but the latest one is one of my husband's trainer socks which suddenly vanished. My husband found it yesterday in a kitchen drawer amongst the tea towels. A place we never thought to look lol.

    Joan (Wales)

  2. I once lost my keys. They always went into a dish on the counter but they were not! Three weeks later, after much searcing and frustration I decided to empty a tin of pens and pencils that occupy the same counter and voila. y keys were put into the wrong receptacle. What a relief. Now where are my husbands keys which he put into a secure place over three years ago. So secure even he hasn't found them.

  3. At the moment I have "lost" two pairs of prescription sunglasses which I know are somewhere in the house! Maddening. JanF


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