School time..

O i love doing home school..we have a good time and totally enjoy our days.
I download a lot of work from have all sorts of freebies to print out.
I normally see what they have and if its what i need i will spend an afternoon printing and planning our weeks worth of lessons.
Another great website is Maths math sheets and explanations are that good even i get it.
This week Fern has been doing a Novel study on Molly's Pilgrim

It contains everything she has learnt so far and more that she hasn't.
These are just amazing for her as she really has to apply herself to it..its not just the story but the fact she has to search,explain and finally give her own opinion on the book and plot line.
Describe the characters and in her words give her observations of these characters.
I can't recommend these sites enough.

Iris can read and write to a good standard but is so full of energy she bounces around a i always feel i am telling her to sit down or come back. Bless her.

I find the more bright and colourful the things we do the more she pays attention to it..the scrabble tiles i bought from Ebay..we use them quite a bit for spellings and begginning blends and endings..

I have to say that i think the girls favourite afternoons are craft ones.
 Iris made glitter tree's and also a forest of rainbow tree's.

 Fern made little bobble hats for tree decorations..aren't they good. She has a few more to do but they will all be different colours.,,she spent a while doing them but once she got the hang of it away she went.



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