Our local little library

Hello again..
Our local library is attached to the school Fern went to..it is in the Surestart Centre there.
It used to be quite big once upon a time..then all the cuts started and it disappeared so to speak.
We loved going there as you can make yourself a cuppa and drinks for the girls in the big communal kitchen and it was a lovely way to spend time ..a little tots area with toys for them to play with a dedicated library staff who were wonderful and would talk and help out with just about anything..lovely ladies and gent.
When all the cuts started it seemed to shrink,then the staff disappeared one by one until it was a desolate place and not well cared for.
I have to say we stopped going..i would order the books i wanted via the online service then pop to the Sure Start reception to collect them.The absolutely wonderful lady who runs that reception is Josie..a font of information and infinite patience as well. Always so happy to see you and the most capable woman who can man 3 phones,a printer and computer all in one go..plus see that your books are ready for you.
We had to go pick some up this week and whilst waiting for them a lady came over and introduced herself as the new library volunteer and she had just received a brand new copy of a book and she wondered if Fern would like it..she was doubly pleased as Fern said yes and it was her first book loan since she had re-started the library..she is so passionate about it and the books she has ,it was so refreshing to meet her.She lifted our spirits even more when we went and had a look at what she had done..it looks small but neatly spaced out and a sofa with chairs to sit..a little area for little people.

All of the books Iris selected with help from the lady..She adores the Biff,Chip and Kipper series..this one has been read numerous times and is so easy for her but she gets it everytime she can.

This was her very first loan out to Fern..

She helped Iris find some good books and then Fern as well..she told me she has a print out of reading lists for all ages and will print me a copy if i would like and also asked Fern to do a written book review of the book she borrowed..Fern was amazed and said she would..then she asked Iris to do her a picture of happy,sad or bad for her books she borrowed..this woman i think will revitalise the little library..her energy and love for the books is evident and brilliant to see.
She did ask why the girls were not at school and Iris explained they were Home Schooled she clapped her hands and said Marvellous..i will find you any books you need..that is the best offer i have ever had from anyone with help to Home School.
She was surprised at the girls reading levels and also Ferns latest Book Review of Molly's Pilgrim..she could not believe we had a copy of it and had never heard of anyone else reading it.
So on the way home we decided that we are going back to library at least once a week and spend some time there again..it will be lovely to just go and sit again and peruse the shelves for any books we may like.
So we are very happy to have our little library back..and a new library lady as well.


  1. That sounds like a wonderful place to go with the children.
    We are lucky here to have quite a large and popular library. There's a wooden train in the children's section to sit and read on. They also have lots of book clubs, rhyme time's and run various courses. It's such a boon.
    x x

    1. It is amazing..we love it more now than before..its perfect for a chilly afternoon and reading quietly or choosing new books.

  2. How wonderful. Someone who loves books is infectious and can bring out a real love of reading in most people. She sounds like she will revitalise the library.

    1. Hi Sue..o yes i think she will..it was wonderful to meet some one else who is as passionate as i am..i really hope others who use the library see this is as a chance to get it up and running again


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