Michelle..please read..

Hi Michelle..how are you doing?
I hope you don't mind i pasted your comment on here but i feel its an important thing.
Please feel free to nosy around and if you want to ask questions please do.
I will tell you why i took my little girl out of school as i feel its valid..she didn't talk from the minute she left our door until the minute she came back home.She had a friend at school only one, who she stills see's now and is very good friends with her.
Fern was not a confident little girl ,she was very quiet and shy and this just added to the problem...her teacher was snowed under with children who had serious problems and disrupted the class,also with her being quiet she always got pushed to the back of the queue so to speak..this literally culminated in her feeling sad and so withdrawn we were both worried about her.The final straw was when i pointed out several times that she had the same reading book for almost 3 months..her teacher just said well she will have to speak up then..thats fine and good if you can hear her in the first place with the noise all around.My heart went out to Fern and i had enough and took the decision that i think has made her what she is today.
I got all of the questions of how is she going to socialize and get along with others her age.Are you worried she will be isolated and all that bumpf..well i can hand on heart say it was the absolutely best thing i ever did.
We stripped back to basics on all her learning and went at her pace and re-learnt everything.I think its the fact that it is one to one learning,no pressure ,no distractions and no one else making her feel stupid for not being able to do what they can.And that she could ask a question without having to fight for attention.
Fern is now a very happy and totally confident young lady..don't get me wrong she doesn't bound into unknown places and burst out "Hi i'm Fern.".but she has the absolute confidence in herself to go .
I personally think that if a child has confidence in themselves then the self esteem flows from them and i always say you can do anything in this world if you put your mind to it..its a truly amazing feeling when you see that moment something clicks and they grasp what you have been saying to them.

If you don't win your appeal are you definitely going to take her out?Once we told Fern this she couldn't wait..she counted down the days.
The Education Authority are brilliant..they offer advice and do a very informative book on all the groups and organizations that will help you if you need it.
There are absolutely loads of blogs and websites that are totally dedicated to Dyslexia and have so many topics and work sheets to help,truly amazing..the internet is a wonderful thing and you name it and they have it.
MrsLurchWalker is one of the absolute diamonds in this world and so are her girls.

Hi Sara. We have something in common you and I. She comes in the form of MrsLurcherwalker. Lyn, our dear friend, suggested I come to your blog because if I don't win a school relocation appeal I am thinking of home educating my 8 yesr old. She has difficulties connected to dyslexia that the schoolnrefusevto acknowledge so for her self esteem I may well do this. I am concerned re: social development though but I have to stay grounded in that her confidence and self esteem are what is important. I hope you don't feel me nosey but I feel I should tell you that I will be having a good look around your blog this evening.


  1. I so wish I had home-schooled my 5 girls. So many regrets now for not having done especially in the formative grades

    1. Hi there,i wished i had the courage back then to do what i am doing now..and i definitely would have done the home schooling with all my older girls and son


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