Tomato,green beans and a wash basket..

Hello all,how are you all today?
Well we are forecast rain,rain and more rain..i have managed to get my laundry dry but i wimped out and brought it in early as the rain clouds were gathering..
 This is our first tomato..i cannot wait to eat it..
 Some of our green beans were harvested this morning..i have cut some but then left  some long as well..

 This is my trusty laundry basket..i have had this for about 15 years..its a big one,nice and deep .Unfortunately it got dropped on something hard and the plastic bottom exploded..i did keep the big bit that fell out of. Last night i fixed it..i used hubby's tape to hold it all in place..i have used it this morning and nothing fell out so that will save me some money ..i hope it lasts another few years.

What have you all been up to?
take care


  1. We have rain here too, it started just after I'd spent half an hour watering someone's garden for them!

  2. O Sue..i watered all my hanging baskets and tubs as well..typical

  3. Beautiful string beans! I left some of mine on the vine too long and the starchy beans inside started to grow. They definitely don't taste as good like that.

  4. Lovely beans. I struggling with my runner beans but ive had some good harvests from the dwarf beans. We haven't had much rain on the coast,except for today. I'm hopping it perks up the garden.


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