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Hello all,how are you doing today?
I thought i would do a little update on whats been happening here at Flowertot Mansion.
Firstly Iris lost another baby tooth or more precisely Grandma used her magic fingers and tissue to remove it..it had been dangling for days and had made the gum sore..i tried but to do it for her but she insisted she wanted Grandma to do it..so off we went next door and Bingo she worked her magic and out it popped.
My daughter Fionna is doing well in her pregnancy and is blooming.
My little grand-daughter Olivia had an accident when she tried to walk across the room and fell on the edge of a fireplace..she ended having her cut glued at the hospital and is bruised but doing fine.

The allotments are doing great..we have a lot of Courgettes still to come. The Pumpkins are finally starting to swell..hopefully they will be huge by the time they are ready. We dug up some Carrots only to discover they are full of fly..i did cut that part out but ended up with hardly anything left.but what we did have were very sweet.
The Beetroots are going well and we have had some of those..very nice. Our main crop potatoes are not doing very well at all..what we have dug up are very few and far between and also they have Ants in them..bloody heck..its kind of devastating really as we like to have enough to last us a good 6 months. As it is we will only get about 3 bags and thats at a push.
All of the Raspberries are growing really well..we are expecting a bumper crop so thats our jam took care of.
The fruit trees in the garden are cropping except the Pear Tree..the Plum is laden and so are the Apple Trees..i am going to buy another Pear Tree in the Autumn and plant it also a Cooking Apple Tree.
The Chickens are now both laying daily and i have plenty of fresh eggs. We are still hoping to find time to enlarge the pen they are in..this will come after we have done the shed roof.
We have had some expenses as well..the battery on my hubby's laptop has gone so we had to buy a new one..the girls and i have had our haircut,the dog went to the groomers and i had to  buy some more post bags for my Ebay items.I finally ordered the paint for my front gates and also sheds.
I have been baking to my little hearts content..brownies,cookies,tarts and scones..i absolutely love to fill my tins every week with home baked goodies. I made some scotch eggs..they all disappeared over the weekend.Also the Sausage rolls i made went rather quickly as well.

I re-potted 4 house plants..i know its the wrong time to do it but they were literally bursting out the pots..they look much better and happier now.

I went through my kitchen and recycled lots of things i haven't used for years..hubby bought some hooks and we hung up the sieves,colanders,whisks etc..things i do use but not all the time. This has freed up a lot of space on work tops and also in the cupboards.It looks much neater and gave me the chance to de clutter big time.
I have sold about 6 more items on Ebay..mostly dresses and fascinators but its still extra and also emptying out the wardrobes.
I did buy the girls some new books and they are enjoying them..i bought Fern a copy of the Eejits by Roald Dahl and Iris got If you give a mouse a cookie..she has done some literacy work on this book so buying it will encourage her more i hope.Both books together cost £3 .
I have bought hubby a copy of The Wartime Kitchen Garden with Harry Dodson.
I have received 2 free samples this week..one was a perfume..to be honest it may cost the earth and have a supermodel pushing it at you on screen but to me its smelt like Ajax Scouring Powder..maybe my nose but i didn't like it.
Second sample was a sachet of Scent Boosters from Lenor..very nice but unless they come down in price and i mean rock bottom then i won't be buying them..i have got some new Lavender Sachets of my own to pop into my Airing cupboard between my laundry..cost to make practically zero.
My dad bought me a huge jar of Coffee..the strong stuff..i love strong coffee and i don't drink it often but i ran out so my dad bought me a jar..wasn't that sweet of him. He also bought hubby a bag of compost that was reduced as end of season.
We cooked a huge beef joint and sliced and froze it.
The girls emptied their Wendy House out and found Hula Hoops and Nerf guns..they have been running around the garden for days playing with these..they have been shattered at night.
They have also managed to get the big Barbie box out the spare room and get at the Barbies and all the bits in them.
We are hoping to get to Belton in the next week with the temperatures making it cooler ,this means we can go on a real hike and picnic in the woods.
So thats what has been going on here..what about you ladies ?
take care


  1. Ha! I do like the smell of Ajax, but maybe not as my "signature scent".

    1. Hi me too,,i honestly thought it would smell all flowery but no..i was instantly reminded of the old style ajax scouring powder..nevermind it was sample and will be put in a box for future use.


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