Poorly girl..

We have a poorly girl today.
Iris woke me up at 3.20 this morning to tell me her throat was hurting and she was hot.
I gave her a cuddle and put her back to bed,popped down stairs and got the Calpol and a drink of cold water for her..which time the dog decided he was desperate for a pee.I let the dog out and he did his wee,then he wanted to play silly buggers and sat in the porch not moving..his little power play.I really didn't have the patience for him and he may have sensed it when i gave up and started to close the door on him, he soon shot into the kitchen.Only to go get his rag rope and want to play..and dropped it conveniently in the door way..unfortunately for Jack it just got picked up and thrown back into the kitchen and the door got shut.
I got back up to Iris and gave her Calpol and water.and she drifted back to sleep.
She is an early bird and was up with the sun but looking pale and pasty.
It has affected her appetite and she didn't eat her breakfast pancakes..and she has no energy and is so quiet which is totally not my Iris.Even Fern said its so quiet i don't like it.
I did manage to get her to have some soup and her daddy bought some yoghurts and icecream as well when he went shopping.
At the moment she is all tucked up on the sofa watching Harry Potter with Fern.
Only question is who is next?
We shall wait and see..


  1. Poor Iris, I hope she recovers soon.

  2. Hi Mum..she is looking brighter today but still not right.

  3. I hope she recovers quickly. There is nothing as heartbreaking as a sick child. xx

    1. Thats true..i hate it when they are poorly..you feel helpless.


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