Party time..

Hello all..what a lovely day it is today..we have the odd grey cloud hanging about but i have laundry on the line and so many little jobs to catch up with after my week of being an invalid.
I can't wait to get going and get on back still hurts and sends bolts of lightening up my spine randomly but i can cope much better.
Yesterday we went to my daughter Heather's for BBQ and is our little grand daughters birthday today..she is 4,but had a party yesterday.
Lots of cakes,pop and sweets were consumed by all the little ones you can imagine just how rambuncious they were and getting out of hand at times..but no one was in trouble and they all played wonderfully together.

All the little girls love Matt..he is a wonderful brother in law to Fern and Iris but they see him as another big brother
They all had a lovely time and we got home late..boy do i have 2 over tired girls today..they even argued over a bloody pencil this tonight it will be bath early and then straight to bed.
take care


  1. It looks as though you all had a lovely time, and many congratulations on a new grandchild. Fionna has done so well, I hope she has an easy pregnancy.

    Lyn is going to be an Oma (Grandma) again in the new year, it must be something in the air !!

    Love and hugs to you all

    Marie xx

    1. Hi Marie..thank you..i hope she does as well..i will write to so pleased as Ezra is just a gorgeous little boy and now he can be a big brother.
      love you much


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