Monday, 13 June 2016

Lazy.long wet day art..

Hello all,how are you today?
Its wet here,dull yet on the bright side its warm.
Today we decided to do just art work using different items..
I gather straws,silver foil,card,tissue paper and salt and glue.
We had a good day and my dining room looked like a paper bomb had gone off at one point.
 We put straws and paper flowers in a box lid..
 Covered it in tin foil and then Iris coloured them in..

 Fern did a Mosaic Owl..
 We put glue in blobs on card..sprinkled salt on it then shook it off..then just added a drop of paint..Iris was so impressed..

 We made a few swirly ones too..

 I joined in as well..i had these wooden letters from when they hung above our chalkboard..i painted them jazzy colours..
 I use drawing pins underneath them so they don't get stuck to  the card whilst they are drying.

I will show you where i end up putting them..tomorrow i hope.
take care all


  1. I really like the salt painting idea. I will definitely be trying that on our next rainy afternoon. X

    1. Hi ..o yes the effect is amazing and Iris thought it was like magic when she added the paint to it..


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