Wednesday, 1 June 2016

June 1st..already

Hello all,how are you on this wet,chilly and windy 1st day of June?
I really expected to be basking in some nice warm summer sunshine..seems i was wrong.
The rain is good for our grass and allotments but not much else..not for us anyway.
I have got a nice warm jumper on and got my fluffy slippers out again..Iris even had a onsie on last night..she did get hot and changed it for a nightie in the night .
We are halfway through the year and already we have some produce from the allotments..Rhubarb..huge big sticks..they have been sorted and frozen already.
I need to clear my freezers out to make room for it all.I am actually looking forward to it all coming home and sorting it out and then deciding what to freeze right away or eat as soon as we can.
I am excited to make more jams this year as well and some new chutneys and hopefully Tomato Sauce too..i will be making soups and freezing them too.
This time of year is when we start to get busy and don't really stop until all the crops have been harvested and stored away .

Ideally i would like to have enough food in my freezer and pantry to feed us for 3 months at least..only having to buy milk,cheese and meat will really bring down my food bills.
I love to feed my family good food and in particular the fresh stuff from the allotments.
We are not greedy either,we share our surplus with family and friends .
This is going to my goal for the year to get our selves self sufficient with fruit and veg .
Last year we spent a lot of time redecorating the house and a million little things to catch up with,this year we are concentrating on food production and storage.
What are all of your major plans for the rest of this year?