Monday, 13 June 2016

A legend in my own living room..

I had to chuckle earlier..after our crafting and cleaning up we had some time to spare until tea was ready..last year i bought the girls one of sat in the spare room until yesterday. Now its the number 1 favourite toy.
A twirling ribbon..we already have pom-poms and we did some cheer leading dancing messing about.
We were taking it in turns to twirl the ribbon..apparently i am a legend..i twirl like a professional and can jump and shake my booty not my words but the now i am a twirly legend and all in my own living room.
Brilliant...made my day..although i think they maybe taking the proverbial..i can live with it.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi..yep i was shaking my groove thing

  2. Oh gawd.... now I want to make a twirling ribbon..... DON'T watch this space cos it won't be a pretty sight.

    1. Hi i am pretty sure i wasn't a pretty sight either..go for it..i actually got quite into it..


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